Command Line Interface

This is a minimal guide to get a functioning experiment. Start by creating a file called The library in use here is the Merge Experiment Library. You can find it on pypi, through pip

pip3 install mergexp

or from install from source.

import mergexp as mx
net = mx.Topology('hello-world')
hello = net.device('hello')
world = net.device('world')
link = net.connect([hello, world])
link[hello].ip.addrs = ['']
link[world].ip.addrs = ['']

Now use the mergetb command line tool to create, realize and materialize the experiment. The mergetb command line tool is available for download here.

# create an experiment from the topology source
mergetb new exp hello --src
# realize the experiment (allocates resources)
mergetb realize hello initial --accept
# materialize the experiment (actually create the experiment)
mergetb materialize hello initial

Learn more

Topology modeling

Examples of more interesting topologies and network modeling features are in the topology modeling section to the right.

Command line reference

The command line reference docs provide a comprehensive reference to the Merge command line utility.